With support from the Corporation for National and Community Service, The Health Trust launched a 3-year VISTA grant in July 2015 at 5 partner sites. Each VISTA member will build capacity at their sites in order to increase the site organizations’ effectiveness in reaching those in need and increasing access to healthy foods in low-income areas. Specifically, members will develop and/or improve internal systems, such as volunteer training and management, client outreach, fundraising, and data tracking.

History: The VISTA grant, which focuses on building organizations’ capacity to end poverty,  builds on the foundation created by The Health Trust’s former 6-year Silicon Valley Health Corps (SVHC) AmeriCorps grant.  Over 140 members conducted direct service, hands-on work at over 10 sites to build multiple community and school gardens  and reach thousands of residents with nutrition education. In total, Americorps members donated and sold over 452,638 pounds and 53, 164 pounds, respectively, of local produce to low-income families from 2012 to 2015. That is the equivalent of 13 tractor trailer loads of food! Please watch the video below to learn more about SVHC.

Our Impact

The SVHC VISTA grant aims to accomplish the following targets for the 2015-2016 year across all partner sites

  • At least 700 new staff and community volunteers will receive training to build capacity at their sites
  • At least 8 new systems and/or business processes and/or enhancements will be put into place
  • At least 650 new beneficiaries will receive services in obesity prevention and health access
  • At least 50,000 individuals will receive emergency food from food banks/other organizations
  • At least 350 individuals will have received education support or referrals for hunger
  • At least 175 individuals will report an increase in food security
  • VISTAs will receive ongoing  professional development opportunities and training through their year of service