The Health Trust, as a member of the California Food is Medicine Coalition (Cal FIMC), is participating in the Medi-Cal Medically Tailored Meals Pilot Program, the first and largest program of its kind in the United States.

Launched in 2018, the three-year, $6 million State funded pilot program aims to reduce hospital readmission rates and emergency room utilization for Medi-Cal clients with congestive heart failure. Eligible clients will be enrolled in the program for twelve weeks, during which they will receive 3 heart healthy medically tailored meals per day and 4 medical nutrition therapy sessions from a registered dietitian.

The Health Trust’s participation in this project is also supported in part by Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Programs.

About Cal FIMC

The California Food is Medicine Coalition is comprised of six members:

As the leading nutrition services providers in the state – serving thousands of clients annually with coverage across seven counties – the Cal FIMC offers a unique, cost-effective, high-quality managed-care solution for improving health outcomes for critically-ill clients.

As an active member of the Cal FIMC, The Health Trust shares its vision: A California where all people have access to appropriate nutrition services that address their medical needs.

We are proud to help accomplish the Cal FIMC mission: to develop, refine, and sustain models where medical nutrition services are an integral part of cost-effective and high quality health care in order to improve the health of all California communities.

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