Gifts you can arrange now to be received over time
The generosity of people like you makes it possible for The Health Trust to achieve our mission of building health equity in Silicon Valley. Your planned gift to The Health Trust helps us continue the meaningful services and programs we provide in this community. In addition, a planned gift can also benefit your financial goals.

There are many ways to structure your charitable giving, depending on your personal goals and desire, your financial situation, the timing of your gifts, and other factors.

Benefiting Others Through Your Will
You can retain assets during your life and defer your charitable support until the donor’s death by naming The Health Trust in your will.

Giving Through Revocable Living Trusts
If, through a revocable living trust, you have chosen to pass your property to loved ones while minimizing probate costs, consider how you might add a charitable dimension to this plan as well. Much like a charitable bequest through a will, such a gift is deductible from estate taxes and can be delayed until all family members have been provided for.

Make a gift of income, retain future return of principle
People who wish to make a substantial gift over a period of years while ensuring that their property will ultimately return to themselves or their loved ones may be interested in what is known as the charitable lead trust. Under the terms of a charitable lead trust, assets are transferred to a trust that pays income to one or more charitable recipients for a number of years you determine. At the end of that period, the assets are returned to you or other persons you name.

A Large Gift at Low Cost Through Life Insurance
You may no longer need life insurance policies that were purchased long ago. You can name The Health Trust to receive all or a portion of the proceeds of a policy no longer needed for its original purpose. Please consider donating these policies to The Health Trust.

Creative Gifts Through Retirement Plans
Whether you participate in a company pension plan or a fund you have established yourself, such as an IRA, you may accumulate funds beyond your needs for comfortable support of yourself and loved ones.

In such a case, you may wish to consider how you can use “excess” retirement funds to make charitable gifts in a tax-efficient way. By transferring your IRA assets to a charitable remainder trust, the trust will provide life income to the beneficiary, with an eventual gift to The Health Trust.

You Wish to Have Maximum Convenience and Flexibility of Giving Donor-Advised Funds
This type of fund provides maximum convenience and flexibility by enabling donors to make contributions to charitable organizations in both lean years and profitable years. Through the creation of this fund, you and your family can make suggestions for grant distributions to areas of interest or specific charities. It is especially useful for donors who want to take a charitable deduction one-year and make distributions over several years. We can accept any asset as a donation, including stock and real property. There is no fee to establish a fund. It is suggested that a minimum of $25,000 establish a fund. The Health Trust manages and invests the funds and sends a monthly statement showing all transactions and grants. You may add to your fund at any time. Our experienced staff is available to you to help you achieve the maximum impact of your funding through research, evaluation and analysis of potential grant recipients.

To discuss your specific goals and needs, please contact or call the development office at 408.513.8700.