GoodToGo-Eng-3c_webThe Good. To Go. campaign makes the healthy choice the easy choice by offering attractive, affordable fresh produce and other healthy foods that appeal to consumers’ needs for convenience and quality. Good. To Go. encourages healthy food purchases by marketing them as “Fun. Fast. Fresh”:

  • Fun. Carrot sticks with dip, flavored almond snack packs, and smoothies
    are just a few examples of the fun offerings Good. To Go. vendors will offer to adults and kids alike. The campaign also engages residents through photo and recipe contests, launch events, social media, giveaways, and raffles.
  • Fast. Good. To Go. foods are just as convenient and quick to purchase and eat as chips or cookies. In addition to the snacks listed above, Good. To Go. vendors will also offer quick meal ideas such as ready-to-cook soup ingredients in a bag and ready-to-blend salsa and guacamole ingredients. Recipes for quick meals families can make with $5 or less will be provided to consumers at all Good. To Go. outlets.
  • Fresh. Vendors will offer whole, uncut fresh produce, such as options available on Fresh Carts, as well as blended fruit in juices, smoothies, and salads at select cornerstores and markets.

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Good. To Go. outlets

Fresh Carts

fresh-cartThis mobile produce vendor program is bringing uncut, fresh fruits and vegetables to public areas in residential neighborhoods of San Jose. The program provides entrepreneurial opportunities to neighborhood residents, who will operate their own carts, while increasing access to healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods. Based on a program created in New York City, Fresh Carts Silicon Valley launched in Summer 2014 in partnership with Sacred Heart Community Services, AnewAmerica and Karp Resources.

Corner Store campaign

In neighborhoods that don’t have supermarkets, residents frequently shop at small markets and convenience stores. These stores often stock many high-sodium, high-fat snack foods and sugary beverages but carry little or no fresh produce or other healthy foods. The Good.To Go. Corner Store campaign is scheduled to be launched in Fall 2014 by The Hispanic
Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley
and Working Partnerships. It will provide equipment and technical assistance to store owners who agree to carry fresh produce and other healthy items. This initiative is based on The Food Trust’s model for improving healthy food options in Philadelphia corner stores. Read about the Food Trust’s Healthy Corner Store Model.

Small Farmers’ Markets

In 2013, following a campaign led by The Health Trust, the City of San Jose cut the red tape needed to open small farmers’ markets on private property. As a result, 3 new small, certified markets are planned in low-income neighborhoods this year. The Health Trust provided a grant to Fresh Approach to provide training and technical assistance to community organizations to host and manage these markets. Learn more (PDF) about San Jose’s new farmers’ market rules or receive technical assistance to start a small, certified market at your site.

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