The Health Trust Makes Health Partnership Grants totaling over $800,000

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For Immediate Release: June 28, 2018
The Health Trust Contact: Maria Garcia, or (408) 513-8729

San Jose, CA – On June 27, 2018, The Health Trust Board of Trustees approved four Health Partnership grants totaling $806,498 to support The Health Trust’s mission of building health equity in Silicon Valley. Specifically, the awarded grants will combat older adult social isolation, support the work of the Long Term Services & Support (LTSS) Integration Committee, advance the careers of public health professionals, and increase access to behavioral health services for undeserved youth.

Breakdown of Grants

San Jose Parks Foundation
Research shows that many older adults start facing social isolation and lack of purpose after they retire from work, their kids grow up, and as they start losing friends and loved ones. Research also shows that socially isolated seniors are more likely to experience chronic stress and depression, including conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. In an effort to provide support and services to older adults and to some of our most vulnerable youth, over the next 12 months and through a $100,000 grant, the San Jose Parks Foundation, in partnership with the Office of the Mayor and Somos Mayfair plan to develop an intergenerational programming blueprint, with the goal of increasing the number of older adults engaged and retained in volunteerism across the city of San Jose by connecting them to youth serving organizations.                                     

Public Health Institute
Through the support of a $555,998 grant, the Public Health Institute will provide individuals the opportunity to advance their professional careers in the field of public health.

Working Partnerships USA
Older adults and adults with functional limitations who require Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) services are some of our county’s most vulnerable populations. In an effort to provide them the opportunity to age in place, over the next 12 months and through a $75,500 grant, Working Partnerships USA plans to support the work of the Long Term Services & Support (LTSS) Integration Committee. This grant is intended to ensure that the Committee drives key projects, policy, and system changes that will specifically impact older adults and adults with functional limitations, referred to as the LTSS population.

Youth Alliance
During FY17, Youth Alliance engaged in an assessment to understand the health needs of the community and how they could play a role in supporting those community health needs. Building off of the learnings from Year 1, in Year 2, Youth Alliance plans to increase the number of underserved youth accessing behavioral health services. Over the next 12 months and through a $75,000 grant, Youth Alliance plans to contract out with third party payer, Anthem Blue Cross to serve as one of the only health providers of youth specialty behavioral health services. Through this project, Youth Alliance will have the opportunity to diversify its revenue funding stream, and provide a critical health service to vulnerable youth and families in N. San Benito County.

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About The Health Trust
The Health Trust is an operating foundation founded in 1996. Our mission is to build health equity in Silicon Valley. We believe everyone should be afforded the opportunity to be healthy – especially the most vulnerable. To that end, we provide direct services, fund community-based organizations whose work aligns with our mission, and advocate for policies and initiatives that help advance our mission. For more information, visit