AIDS_ServicesThe Health Trust provides a variety of services to low-income Santa Clara County residents living with HIV/AIDS, helping patients and families solve their day-to-day needs. The Health Trust AIDS Services is supported by federal funding, as well as resources through the County of Santa Clara and the City of San Jose. We also depend on significant support from corporations, foundations, and individuals throughout our community.

Client Services
Preparing affordable, nutritious meals can be a challenge for people living with HIV/AIDS. The Health Trust Jerry Larson food Basket helps support these individuals and their families by providing food assistance.

At the attractive Jerry Larson Food Basket clients can shop twice a month and choose from an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, canned and packaged goods, and frozen meat. Home-delivered meals are available for homebound clients.

Eligibility is based on income level and need. For more information or to see if you qualify, call 408.961.9850 or toll-free 800.325.1890. Or email AIDSServices@healthtrust.org.

Medical Case Management
The Health Trust staff, including Registered Nurses and social workers, provide case management for those who meet eligibility criteria to assist with managing medication; communicating with medical and social service providers; negotiating complex systems such as Social Security and health insurance; finding emotional support; mental health and substance abuse treatment referrals; and referrals to other services in the community.

Benefits Counseling
Navigating the health insurance and support services bureaucracies can be daunting. The Health Trust staff guide clients through the process of obtaining all benefits for which they are eligible.

Emergency Financial Assistance
The Health Trust can provide emergency financial assistance to clients who are having trouble meeting their basic needs and have exhausted all other sources of assistance.

Home Care
Home care is available to case management clients who require housekeeping services or help with daily living activities.

Housing Assistance
The Health Trust offers the Housing for Health Program for approximately 150 low-income households that are affected by HIV/AIDS each year. Housing for Health provides case management services to assist in identifying, securing and maintaining housing. The program also offers self-sufficiency services for program participants ready to return to work or return to education as a means to move toward independence and minimize reliance on safety net services. The Housing for Health Program is an on-going subsidy program, however, due to the level of need in the County, the wait list is estimated to be approximately 2-3 years. Applicants are encouraged to apply to be placed on the wait list, however, they should continue to explore other housing options.

HIV+ Programs
Learning & Living Lounge
Located in the heart of the San Jose, The Learning & Living Lounge is a safe, accessible and friendly place for people living with HIV/AIDS and others to meet and learn from each other as well as meet with service providers. For information, call 408.961.9850 or email AIDSServices@healthtrust.org.

The LINKS Program is a transitional case management program that helps people living with HIV/AIDS in Santa Clara County Adult Custody make a smooth transition from jail to the community. For information, call 408.961.9808 or email links@healthtrust.org.

Positive Self-Management
The Positive Self-Management Program for HIV/AIDS is an evidence-based, six-part series designed to help participants build skills needed to effectively manage their own health. The program is led by peers and volunteers who have completed a rigorous leader’s certification. Programs are offered at a number of convenient locations throughout the county. To find out how this program can work for you, call 408.961.9808 or email AIDSServices@healthtrust.org.

How You Can Help
Today, nearly 800 HIV/AIDS patients rely on The Health Trust’s services, and the number of people continues to grow. In order to continue providing ongoing case management and stop the spread of AIDS, it is vital that the program receive financial assistance from the community. Your support is especially important: government grants only pay 80 percent of the costs, thus requiring a 20 percent matching gift from the community.
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The Jerry Larson Food Basket: Volunteers are needed every weekday to help pack and deliver grocery bags of food, as well as hot meals to homebound residents through our Meals On Wheels Program. Volunteers are also needed on the second and fourth Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each month, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. to assist clients who come to the Jerry Larson Food Basket to pick up their food.

You can also support our clients through an annual holiday gift drive, year-round Healthy Food drives and assembly of personal care packages. Both weekday and weekend opportunities are available for individuals and corporate groups.

AIDS Services Events: The Health Trust holds a number of community events during the year to increase awareness of HIV and raise funds to support our work. Volunteers help through personal fundraising as well as with promotion, set-up and activities on the day of the event.

For more information on individual or group volunteer opportunities, contact Michelle Leporini  at 408.961.9862 or michellel@healthtrust.org.

AIDS Services events are for our AIDS Services clients. If you are interested in becoming a client, call 408.961.9850 or email AIDSServices@healthtrust.org.

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