AGEnts for Change is a volunteer organization whose mission is “To build a cohort of people engaged in advocacy and social justice to improve the ability of older adults to live independently, with choice and dignity in their community.”

Volunteers are working to improve their community to make it friendlier to and supportive of all residents, particularly older adults. Volunteers engage in advocacy and social justice to support key issues from transportation and pedestrian safety to access to information and services.

AGEnts don’t have to be experts in governmental affairs or even issues related to healthy aging, but bring their willingness to learn about issues and advocacy skills through monthly meetings, trainings and community research.

What do AGEnts for Change do?

annual-report-2012-022Volunteers work to understand how policy decisions can impact the lives of seniors and their families, and then work with decision makers to effect sustainable change.

AGEnts decide how they want to contribute. This can include a variety of activities such as:

  • Researching issues and concerns affecting Santa Clara County seniors, their caregivers and their families
  • Answering calls to action such as writing or calling your elected official
  • Meeting with decision makers who can impact policy
  • Speaking at City Council or County Board of Supervisors meetings on behalf of a specific issue
  • Participating in AGEnts for Change meetings
  • Inviting others to AGEnts for Change events or making calls to other volunteers
  • Sharing personal stories, passion and care

What are the benefits of joining AGEnts for Change?

  • Learn more about the issues and changes that will affect our community
  • Learn ways to be an effective advocate
  • Receive regular updates and action alerts about state, county and local senior issues.
  • Gain satisfaction from developing solutions to pressing problems
  • Meet and participate with other like-minded individuals and organizations in the Santa Clara County aging network
  • Connect with new friends working together to make a difference

Sign Up Today

Would you like to engage with civic-minded adults to build an effective community voice for seniors and their families?

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