Silicon Valley, one of the most affluent places in the world, is home to the largest homeless populations in America. In any given night, over 6000 people are without a home and 2,500 are considered chronically homeless. Housing instability is one of the most critical social determinants of health and is typically entwined with a cascade of other problems, often including multiple chronic health conditions.

Destination: Home was created in 2008 and became a program of the Health Trust in 2010. It functions as a public-private partnership using collective impact strategies to accomplish its mission of ending homeless in Santa Clara County.

In April 2013, Santa Clara County accepted Destination: Home’s proposal to establish a permanent supportive housing fund using tax dollars derived from Measure A.

In 2011 Destination: Home and our partners launched the Housing 1000 Campaign, which successfully housed over 950 of our longest term and sickest homeless men and women through 2014. This accomplishment is attributed to providing permanent homes and supportive services that make it possible for these individuals to stay housed.

In 2014 we built on that success by gathering stakeholders to design a three pronged Community Plan to End Homelessness. We also commissioned a cost of homelessness study, Home Not Found, which shows for the first time the significant public dollars our community spends on homelessness each year.

Over the next five years, we will use the Community Plan goals and data from Home Not Found as mechanisms for change to eradicate homelessness in Santa Clara County.

To learn more information please visit Destination: Home’s website.