The Health Trust & Community Partners Welcome Michele Lew at Mexican Heritage Plaza

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On Tuesday afternoon, The Health Trust staff and community partners welcomed Michele Lew as the new Health Trust CEO at the Mexican Heritage Plaza in East San Jose.

Early on in the program, an informal Q&A held between Health Trust staff and Michele allowed for discussion about programs and services, The Health Trust mission, and even coffee preferences.

As community partners and leaders later joined the celebration, Supervisor Joe Simitian, County of Santa Clara, District 5, and Dolores Alvarado, CEO of Community Health Partnership – both colleagues, mentors, and friends to Michele – shared their memories of working with her and excitement for her future at The Health Trust.

Joe said of Michele’s leadership style: “Warm-hearted and cool-headed.” And from Dolores: “[The Health Trust] is the luckiest community-based organization today.”

Thank you all for coming to the reception and helping us welcome our new CEO. Check out photos from the event on The Health Trust Facebook page!