SOMOS Fuertes: An Economy of Scale Opportunity that Strengthens Communities

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Imagine a community where a network of highly-skilled peer educators and community workers brings together local public institutions, nonprofit organizations, private sector entities and local engaged residents to effectively transform the communities in which, they operate, work, live in, and have a vested interest.

Now, imagine these highly-skilled peer educators and community workers being paid fairly, increasing their ability to exercise their personal power and ensure the success of their own families, neighbors and community.

This is what SOMOS Mayfair’s SOMOS Fuertes Network of United Promotor@s is accomplishing.

In 2012, we began to issue grants under our Disruptive Innovation initiative. The goal of the initiative was to catalyze entrepreneurial thinking and implement creative solutions to existing health and social issues impacting Silicon Valley. Over $1 million was invested in eight organizations, one of which was SOMOS Mayfair.    

What started out as seed funding for a feasibility study on a peer educator job training program, led to pilot funding for SOMOS (We Are) Connected!, and culminated in SOMOS Fuertes Network of United Promotor@s, which recently received support from Google in the form of a three year $500,000 grant!

Currently, SOMOS Mayfair is looking for organizations interested in conducting engagement activities resulting in better understanding of and accountability to the communities in which they operate. What they’re offering is well-trained, highly-skilled Promotor@s to carry out short-term community engagement projects with work that involves conducting community outreach, surveying & focus group facilitation, on-site childcare, advocacy training, and translation and interpretation services.

Working with SOMOS Fuertes Network of United Promotor@s will not only provide organizations a better understanding of the community in which they operate, but it will also result in better outcomes for organizations.  

“I’ve seen up close the difference in quality between hiring SOMOS Mayfair’s Promotor@s child care providers and other organizations. Our families were much better served by the SOMOS team.“  – Elementary School Principal

Truth be told, SOMOS Fuertes has the potential to provide a “quadruple bottom line benefit” for Silicon Valley:

  • impact the social determinants of health
  • increase economic opportunity & income for community members
  • increase the efficiency & effectiveness of nonprofits & public institutions
  • strengthen the sustainability of SOMOS Mayfair

If you are a public institution, nonprofit organization or private sector entity, partner with SOMOS Fuertes Network of United Promotor@s to strengthen the communities in which you operate. Call 408-937-2566 or email