The Health Trust joins the County of Santa Clara in lawsuit challenging the Executive Order on “Sanctuary Jurisdictions”

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The County of Santa Clara is seeking a nationwide preliminary injunction that would halt President Trump’s “Sanctuary Jurisdiction” Executive Order to strip federal funding from “Sanctuary Jurisdictions.” In short, Executive Order 13768, if it stands, will strip all federal funds from “Sanctuary Jurisdictions”. If this were to happen, our county would lose 1.7 billion dollars! This of course would have a huge impact on healthcare, housing, public safety and many other critical services to residents of our county.

The Health Trust is pleased that our County has taken this action and has decided to join the suit by fling amicus briefs, along with other non-profits, County and City offices, businesses and individuals. The federal court hearing for this suit will be held on Friday, April 14 at 9:00 AM in San Francisco.

On Thursday, April 13, 2017, the County held a press conference to detail results of a Sanctuary County Study and the impacts the Executive Order will have on public safety and community services. The Health Trust Interim CEO, Charlie Bullock, and COO, Todd Hansen, attended the press conference, along with 30-40 community leaders and members, in support of Santa Clara County Board President Dave Cortese and the County’s lawsuit challenging the Executive Order on “Sanctuary Jurisdictions.”

The Health Trust feels confident about the legal basis for this action, but of course will have to wait to see how the court rules.

FAQ on County of Santa Clara Lawsuit Challenging Executive Order on “Sanctuary Jurisdictions.”