Interim CEO: Meals On Wheels is here to stay

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Dear staff,

As many of us have heard by now, the President’s 2018 budget blueprint threatens to cut funding for the Community Development Block Grant program, which would directly affect Meals On Wheels. In the last 24 hours, our Meals On Wheels staff have received numerous calls from clients — will our program dissolve? The answer is NO, it will not dissolve!!!

We will continue to serve our seniors and individuals who are homebound in Santa Clara County. Our clients depend on us, and their need for our support is as pressing as ever.
As we closely monitor the news, we will do all we can to prepare for how the budget may be enacted. This means we will strengthen partnerships, push for more awareness, recruit more volunteers, and increase donor support, to protect our program from the potential impact of the budget.

These times will be challenging, but we will stay vigilant and informed. Our message to the community is one of strength and solidarity.

Here are a few sites that will provide even more detailed information about what has been proposed:

CNN article from Thursday morning
Washington Post article with program analysis
Meals On Wheels America Statement on Budget Blueprint

And, here are ways that you and others can support our Meals On Wheels:


I hope you all have a nice weekend. Thanks for everything that you do for The Heath Trust to provide services and support to so many people.

-Charlie Bullock