Welcome Dr. Charlie Bullock

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The Board of Trustees and the entire staff of The Health Trust send a sincere thank you to Fred Ferrer for his nine years as Chief Executive Officer. During his tenure, Fred created strong programs in housing, homelessness, aging, early childhood, health care and led efforts that benefitted our entire community.

During this time of transition, the Board has appointed Dr. Charlie Bullock as interim CEO. Dr. Bullock is Dean Emeritus from San Jose State University and has worked in health and human services throughout his career. He is a visionary leader and a nationally recognized and respected teacher, scholar and administrator. Dr. Bullock recently served as Chair of the Board of The Health Trust, has a community-first philosophy and a proven track record of working with diverse groups of people during difficult times of change and transition. Learn more about Dr. Charlie Bullock here.

The Board of Trustees and staff understand that our community faces many complex health and social services challenges. As such, we are committed to searching for a leader with vision, passion, credibility and the ability to strengthen existing partnerships while forging new ones. The Board will search for a leader who will create public policy initiatives to continue building healthy communities and direct resources to the needs and challenges facing the most vulnerable in our community. The Health Trust remains committed to its three important initiatives: Healthy Aging, Healthy Eating and Healthy Living; and, will remain strong in our client services – children’s oral health, family resource centers, health education, HIV/AIDS, housing, Destination Home, Meals on Wheels – and other good programs. Dr. Bullock will lead the Board in the search for the permanent CEO.

Like many of you, we know the Health Trust is a resilient agency with a unique role to play in moving forward an agenda for healthier communities through thoughtful public policy initiatives, strategic advocacy and strong community partnerships that ultimately create a safer and healthier place for vulnerable communities to live and thrive. The Board and staff stand ready and committed to continue the excellent services and work currently underway.