The Health Trust awards $300,000 to Community Grantees

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September 28, 2016

Elise Nicolas
The Health Trust

Carla Freeman
The Health Trust

The Health Trust Approves over $300,000 in Health Partnership Grants
Advancing Healthy Living, Healthy Eating, and Healthy Aging

San Jose, CA – As of September 28, 2016, The Health Trust Board of Trustees approved eight Health Partnership grants totaling over $300,000 to projects supporting The Health Trust Healthy Eating, Healthy Living, and Healthy Aging.
These grants directly benefit residents of Santa Clara County and continue to uphold our vision, a healthier Silicon Valley for everyone.

Breakdown of Grants
The eight grantees receiving a total of $313,591 are as follows:

Fresh Approach – to increase the availability and affordability of fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables targeting low-income individuals and families in Santa Clara County through the Freshest Cargo Mobile Farmers’ Market

Veggielution – To increase access and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables targeting families with children with and at-risk of developing diabetes through the Veggie Voucher Program at Veggielution

Live Oak Adult Day Services – To connect low-income seniors with chronic end-stage diseases and mobility challenges with free healthy food from Second Harvest Food Bank and expand enrollment of eligible individuals in CalFresh.

Life Skills Training and Education Programs – To pilot a program in which resident volunteers at four, senior only affordable housing sites pick up food from a Second Harvest Food Bank satellite site nearby and deliver it to their neighbors, some of whom are homebound.

Catholic Charities – To establish a network of local restaurants that offer a “senior menu”– meals with smaller portions and healthy options, and at lower prices.

Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits – To continue its partnership with the Aging Services Collaborative (ASC) to strengthen the Collaborative’s sustainability and capacity to impact public policy changes and increase funding of safety net services for low-income seniors in Santa Clara County.

Cristo Rey San Jose High School – To ensure that Cristo Rey students, parents, and staff live a healthier lifestyle through physical activity and healthy eating by strengthening and improving its comprehensive Health and Wellness Program model.

The Tower Foundation of San Jose State University – To increase access to employment, housing and safety net services for low-income people with criminal convictions through expungement of their criminal records.

About The Health Trust’s Health Partnership Grants
The Health Trust prioritizes projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Bolsters health promotion and primary prevention efforts
  • Includes a system, policy, practice, or environmental change that can have an impact beyond the grant period
  • Includes a feasible sustainability plan
  • Follows promising and best practices

Proposal Due Dates
The next proposal due date is October 3, 2016, with a decision date of December 7, 2016. Please check for further information.


About The Health Trust
The Health Trust is an operating foundation founded in 1996. Since then, it has been a catalyst for community partnerships that identify health challenges and work together to find innovative solutions. The Health Trust provides grants, engages in policy and education and continues its legacy of providing health services to make Silicon Valley healthier for everyone. In 2010, Destination: Home became a program of The Health Trust; it is a public-private partnership implementing collective impact strategies to end homelessness in Santa Clara County. For more information, visit