Consul General of Mexico in San Jose tours The Health Trust centers and programs

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At The Health Trust, we tackle community challenges with vigorous energy and collaboration. We believe that working together with leaders who care about Silicon Valley’s health as much as we do will yield great results.

We recently had the honor of receiving Ambassador Mauricio Toussaint, Consul General of Mexico in San Jose, at our offices and facilities. Our Vice President of Programs, Paul Hepfer, gave the ambassador and his team a tour that included a stop at The Jerry Larson FOODBasket in downtown San Jose, which serves HIV/AIDs services clients as well as houses our Meals On Wheels program. The field trip also took them to our Children’s Dental Center in East San Jose.

The Health Trust collaborates with the Mexican consulate on Ventanilla de Salud – working with constituents at the consulate’s downtown headquarters. We assist with health education and healthcare enrollment, and provide services at Family Resource Centers, such as diabetes classes and other Health Education Workshops.

We highlight the Consul General of Mexico’s visit because more than ever, we want to emphasize the role of partnership in creating a vibrant community. The awareness created by leaders like the Consul General is what continues to strengthen our work and impact in Silicon Valley.