The Health Trust Makes Health Partnership Grants Totaling Over $1.5M

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Carla Freeman
The Health Trust

San Jose, CA – As of July 1, 2016, The Health Trust Board of Trustees approved nine Health Partnership grants totaling over $1.5 million to projects supporting The Health Trust Healthy Eating and Healthy Living initiatives for the year.

“We have completed the third year of our five-year initiative now, and these grants will continue to make progress in supporting a healthier community. The Health Trust continues to be committed to ensuring that all residents have access to affordable, quality and nutritious food,” said Program Officer Carla Freeman.

These grants directly benefit residents of Santa Clara County and continue to uphold our vision, a healthier Silicon Valley for everyone.

Breakdown of Grants

3 organizations dedicated to Healthy Eating, listed below, have received  $454,434 in grants:

The Food Trust – to increase access of affordable and healthy food in low-income San Jose neighborhoods by expanding and strengthening the Healthy Cornerstore Program

Garden to Table Silicon Valley – to improve access to healthy food by expanding the Neighborhood Harvest Program and piloting the sale of gleaned fruits at below-market prices to low-income residents; and a second grant to improve access to healthy foods by serving as the lead agency in supporting landowners and community-based organizations to start new urban agriculture projects on Assembly Bill (AB) 551-enabled land in low-income areas

AnewAmerica Community Corporation – to develop and implement a Fresh Carts transition plan

Five organizations dedicated to Healthy Living, listed below, have received $1,071,457 in grants:

Valley Medical Center Foundation – to redesign the Valley Cafe, as part of the Women and Children’s Center at Valley Medical Center, so that the cafe transformation increases access to fresh, healthy, affordable, locally-sourced, ready-made food for hospital patients and staff

Educare California Silicon Valley – to complete the grant awarded in FY13, for capital support of an Educare model school and professional development institute on the Santee Elementary School campus in San Jose

Racing Hearts – to support heart health safety by placing Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) in low-income schools in Santa Clara and San Benito counties

California Dental Association Foundation – to provide technical expertise, strategic advice and project management for the Santa Clara County Fluoridation Initiative

Public Health Institute – to support the Public Health Professional Development Program

About The Health Trust’s Health Partnership Grants

The Health Trust prioritizes projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Bolsters health promotion and primary prevention efforts
  • Includes a system, policy, practice, or environmental change that can have an impact beyond the grant period
  • Includes a feasible sustainability plan
  • Follows promising and best practices

Proposal Due Dates

The next proposal due date is October 3, 2016, with a  decision date of December 7, 2016. Please check for further information.


About The Health Trust

The Health Trust is an operating foundation founded in 1996. Since then, it has been a catalyst for community partnerships that identify health challenges and work together to find innovative solutions. The Health Trust provides grants, engages in policy and education and continues its legacy of providing health services to make Silicon Valley healthier for everyone. In 2010, Destination: Home became a program of The Health Trust; it is a public-private partnership implementing collective impact strategies to end homelessness in Santa Clara County. For more information, visit