Food for Everyone News Coverage

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Food for Everyone, released by The Health Trust on March 4, 2016,  is an assessment of healthy food access among low-income seniors and homeless individuals in San Jose. It is the product of extensive data collection from a variety of sources, including interviews and surveys from 14 safety-net providers, a focus group with individuals that are homeless, and aggregation of numerous existing data sets, as well as primary data collection.



3/28/16: Mercury News Editorial: Health Trust finds a key to ending food insecurity

4/5/16: Mercury News OpEd: Jacky Morales-Ferrand and Frederick J. Ferrer: How to help low-income seniors, homeless access food


KGO 3/4/16 at 12pm

KLIV 3/4/16 at 1pm

KLIV 3/4/16 at 2pm

KLIV 3/5/16 at 9am