Tackling Diabetes with Medical Nutrition Therapy

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The Health Trust is now combating diabetes with Medical Nutrition Therapy, available to all Medicare Part B beneficiaries diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.

As a recently accredited program of the American Association of Diabetes Educators, The Health Trust has a registered dietician on staff that works directly with its Medical Nutrition Therapy clients. All clients receive a one-on-one assessment and an individualized plan from our registered dietician, designed specifically to help them manage their diabetes.

Clients also have the opportunity to participate in our Diabetes Self-Management Program. This Stanford Medical School evidence-based program, offered by our Healthy Living Initiative as one of its Health Education Workshops, offers people living with diabetes information to better manage their chronic illness and
increase quality of life.

According to the Santa Clara County 2015 – 2020 Community Health Improvement Plan, diabetes affects nearly 8% of Santa Clara County residents. Of these individuals, it’s estimated that there are 30,000 residents that are eligible to receive The Health Trust Medical Nutrition Therapy service.

As a result, The Health Trust is interested in partnering with physicians that serve Medicare Part B clients. Most Medicare Part B diabetes clients are unaware that this service is available to them, and a physician referral is all they need to receive this vital service. Patients can contact The Health Trust directly and we can give them referral forms to take to their physician.

For more information on Medical Nutrition Therapy, or how to enroll, please email DiabetesEd@healthtrust.org or call 408.961.9858.