Jerry Larson New Grocery Pick Up Times

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The Jerry Larson FOODBasket, in an an effort to make its grocery pickup services as convenient for clients as possible, has expanded its pick up times to include evenings and Saturdays.

Also,check out the video below and see how the FOODbasket delivers quality service to its clients during grocery pick up.

The FOODBasket is a space committed to strengthening the health of our clients by delivering top notch nutrition services. Three times a month it transforms from a warehouse to a grocery store, where our AIDS Services clients can conveniently pick up their groceries in a wholesome, clean and safe environment.  

On average 250 clients shop together at the FOODBasket on a monthly basis, and have an array of groceries to choose from. On any given day, you can find over 20 different types of produce, like bananas, cilantro, avocados, and watermelons. Our protein section offers at least two types of meat, either chicken, beef, or fish, to go with 4 – 6 types of dry protein, like beans, protein powder for smoothies, peanut butter and eggs. We always have 2 cheeses on hand, 15 types of dry and canned food, 4 types of grain, like quinoa and rice, and essential hygiene products.   

An average client of The Jerry Larson FOODbasket leaves with around 5 full bags of groceries, which are designed to help meet 75% of a client’s grocery needs over a two week period.

For more information on how to sign up for the Jerry Larson FOODBasket or for pick up date and times please contact AIDS Services – 408.961.9850;