New Healthy-Eating Program In San Jose Makes Fresh Food ‘Good to Go’

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CBS5 KPIX, San Jose

Eating fresh food is certainly healthy. It can also be expensive.

A new program called “Good to Go” in San Jose is designed to tie together farmers markets, stores and food carts in an effort to make fresh produce more affordable and accessible.

Nature’s Best Market is one of the corner stores joining the healthy-eating bandwagon.

“If you know how to eat right, it just becomes a habit,” says Karen Sepetis, the store’s owner.

30 corner stores, 2 food carts and one farmers market are participating in the program, signifying their participation by displaying a banner and a $5 discount coupons.

Erin Healy directs Health Trust, which helped launch Good to Go. The trust is working with $1 million in grant money and is giving participating stores marketing assistance and — in some cases — new equipment such as refrigerators.

“Food is a basic right, like water or health care. It should be accessible to everyone,” Healy said.