Congratulations to our SVHC Graduates!

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twitterimageWe had our Silicon Valley HealthCorps graduation on Friday and it was a wonderful celebration of the members’ commitment to a year of service that was filled with laughter, tears, delicious food made out of native edible plants, and a little rap music.

We had the privilege of having Michael Dimmock, president of Roots of Change, as our keynote speaker. Michael spoke about opportunities in the food and ag space and noted how the members understand and promote the crucial relationships that are the backbone of sustainable local eating – relationships such as those between plants and soil, farmers and consumers, and government and farmers. We then heard from each member as they presented on “What SVHC Means to Them.”

All of the presentations were incredibly moving and it was amazing to see how members had grown during the year and how close the group had become. We truly thank them for their dedication to improving the health of our community and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!