This Startup Offers Some Food for Thought

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Elisabeth Cruz is part of a new breed of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs innovating new ways to solve a systemic problem: access to healthy food in underserved areas. She’s our first Fresh Carts produce vendor to hit the streets and you’ll find her at 2400 Moorpark Ave in San Jose. Today she’s offering plenty of fresh strawberries and cherries.

Along with her husband, Elisabeth’s business venture marks the next step in our Fresh Carts mobile produce vendor program to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to public areas in residential neighborhoods of San Jose. The program provides entrepreneurial opportunities to neighborhood residents, who will operate their own carts, while increasing access to healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods.

“I’m selling fresh produce because I want to help the community fight diabetes and other diseases and provide a healthy life for my children,” says Cruz. Research shows that residents of poorer neighborhoods, where unhealthy food outlets outnumber stores with fresh produce, experience higher rates of chronic illnesses. That’s why The Health Trust’s Healthy Eating Initiative is actively confronting and challenging the barriers to healthy food access. The Fresh Carts program is one component of a larger Good. To Go. campaign that is also bringing certified farmers’ markets in residential neighborhoods and renovating corner stores to offer healthy food.

Fresh Carts is Elisabeth’s first business venture and business has been a bit slow in her first week, but she hopes that it will pick up little by little. You’ll find her and her husband most days at 2400 Moorpark Ave in San Jose. Look for the Good. To Go. orange umbrella. They would love your patronage and help spreading the word. Customers who spend $10 or more can win 2 free tickets to a San Jose SaberCats home-game.

You can use our new Healthy Food Resources map to find Elisabeth and many other sources of healthy produce. Find a farmers’ market, Fresh Cart, healthy cornerstore, or urban agriculture near you.

If you’d like to get involved or want more information regarding Fresh Carts, Good. To Go. or our Healthy Eating Initiative, please email