San Jose City Council Eases Restrictions On Food Trucks

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Fred Dufour/AFP/GettyImages

Fred Dufour/AFP/GettyImages

by Jeffrey Schaub

San Jose residents will soon have more options from food trucks and street vendors after passing a new ordinance that allows them to sell fresh fruits and vegetables.
The ordinance will make it easier for vendors selling fresh fruit and vegetables to obtain the necessary permits to sell in neighborhoods and near community centers, schools, libraries and religious assembly locations.

San Jose City Councilmember Xavier Campos said he’s all for the measure.
“It provides the ability to bring more fresh choices into our neighborhoods and into places that you wouldn’t normally see them,” he said.
Rachel Poplack is with Healthy Living, an initiative of The Health Trust. The vision of The Health Trust is to make Silicon Valley the healthiest region in the United States, a place where all residents can achieve optimal health throughout their lifetime.
“These changes will make it possible to launch Fresh Cart Silicon Valley, which will be a mobile vending program that is led by entrepreneurs trained by non-profit organizations to sell quality, affordable produce in communities that otherwise don’t have access,” said Poplack.
The ordinance also sets uniform standards for the operation of traditional food trucks. The size of any food vehicle allowed will be increased to 100 square feet.