The Health Trust urges Santa Clara County voters to vote Yes on Measures A and B

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SAN JOSE, Calif., October 19, 2012 – The Board of Trustees of The Health Trust is supporting two measures on the Nov. 6 Santa Clara County ballot that will repair the safety net and protect our drinking water resources.

Measure A
Silicon Valley may be one of the healthiest communities in America, but not all residents enjoy the good health this area is known for. Our poor and elderly, those who are isolated and suffer from chronic conditions, are suffering because of years of drastic cuts to the safety net.
We can begin to repair the safety net by voting for Measure A, a 1/8-cent sales tax that will help offset years of budget cuts to essential government services, from medical care to public safety. Measure A funds will be invested locally to protect the critical needs of seniors and families in Santa Clara County. Measure A will help make our community a healthy place for everyone.

Measure B
The most basic element of a healthy community is safe, clean water. Here in Silicon Valley we have come to expect that our water supply is both free from toxins and available to all.
Measure B will provide necessary resources to protect our precious waterways from contaminants and our dams from natural disasters — without changing current tax rates. With these essential improvements, we will be able to protect everyone’s health by delivering safe, clean water for years to come.
Measure B will:

  • Ensure a safe, reliable water supply for the future
  • Reduce toxins, hazards and contaminants, such as mercury and pharmaceuticals, in our waterways
  • Protect our water supply and local dams from the impacts of earthquakes and natural disasters
  • Restore fish, bird and wildlife habitat and provide open space access
  • Provide flood protection to homes, businesses, schools, streets and highways

About The Health Trust
The Health Trust is a nonprofit foundation located in Santa Clara County, California, that provides grants, services and advocacy to support its vision of Silicon Valley as the healthiest region in America. The Health Trust’s key initiatives are Healthy Living, Healthy Communities and Healthy Aging. For more information, visit

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